We industrialise any die cast product to mould your ideas into shape.

Research is the essential element in the industrialisation of a die cast product. The path for transforming your project into a mould that would then allow for its production in fact passes through the search for the most efficient solution in line with your requirements. With you we assess the potential roads to be followed. We add the necessary drafts and extraction points, we adjust the rounding on the corners, we eliminate any critical points. We carry out tests, we analyse the results and, if needed, we test other solutions. What leads from the model to the mould is not a clearly drawn path. It is us who designs it, step by step. What guides us is our experience, together with the state-of-the-art software with which we scrupulously verify all of the possible problems that could arise. This is how we industrialise any die cast product with utmost precision.

Designing together

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