After a decennial experience of its founder, Studio DSM today is the vanguard in the technology of aluminum castings.

In a short space of time we have become well-known in the local reality, gaining more and more importance and professional credibility in the whole of Europe.

Thanks to a very flexible mentality, sometimes we anticipate market trends with very courageous choices and now we are able to supply innovative solutions in all the phases of development of the product.

Our spirit leads us to work as it was once done, putting in a lot of passion for what we plan.

Currently the staff is composed by six planners/Designers and Federica who follows the commercial / administrative office work. We think that it is important to be excellent, and so we put ourselves in the game each day to be the best.

Our clients choose us for:

Use of advanced technology

Precision and swiftness

Professionalism and competence

Design of moulds

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Magma-Casting simulation

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Industrialization and co-design

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Design of Trimming Tools machine

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Design of rotary moulds

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Low pressure Moulds

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Assistance and advice

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Studio DSM uses a wide range of last generation technologies.


MAGMASOFT allows us to simulate all the process of casting (filling, solidification and cooling inside and outside the mould), including the phase of mechanical working and of final thermic treatment.

The process simulation can be successfully applied analyzing in detail the results and the parameters of each typology of process through dedicated forms that allow the optimization of the phases of refilling and solidification with a reliable forecast of the defects and the thermic analysis of the dies. Its application spreads at last to the analysis of the residual tension (gangs to heat, gangs to cold, deformations) typical of each productive process revolt is to the throws than to the moulds.

We also arrange the MAGMA OPTIMAZION pack, where it is possible to optimize the best casting system, modifying the canals of injection and the parameters of process.

SIEMENS NX10 is the number one software in the world in the automotive sector. It is used in the design and the industrialization of the products and in the design of the moulds too.

TOP SOLID is the software cad that is dedicated to the world of mould-makers. It is used for the design complete of the dies, offering the modeling cad 3D and the 2D boards. We simulate the kinematics and all the movements of the mould in pressing.
SOLIDWORKS® offers 3D design functions incomparable in terms of performances and easiness of use. It is used for the design and the industrialization of the products.

Our quality

From October 2018 STUDIO DSM is certified by TÜV according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Our quality

Our quality policy

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