We perform casting simulations in order to eliminate all defects.

The passage from the design to the finished product is a complex and often delicate procedure. This is why at Studio DSM we submit all designs to casting simulation. This is the only way we can check for and prevent the onset of any problems during the production process.

We use Magmasoft, the most efficient flow simulation software on the market, to analyse and test the performance of factors that are essential in ensuring the mould’s good quality and effectiveness, namely the process and the cycle time, the conditioning circuits, temperature, speed, pressure, the solidification and porosity.

We analyse in detail the results and the process parameters using the dedicated forms that allow to optimise filling and solidification phases with a reliable forecast of defects and the thermal analysis of the moulds. Not content, we also analyse residual stresses (hot cracks, cold cracks, deformation) and consequently find the best casting system by changing the injection sprues and the process parameters where necessary.

The casting simulation tests therefore complete the design phase and are collected in the parameters folder. At this point we are ready to start the production of a mould that can guarantee the necessary balance during the production cycle and will allow to prevent mistakes and therefore reduce scrap.

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