Our software

To design means to find solutions and guarantee best results. To achieve them we support the know-how of our professional experts with the best design software available for the various sectors of application. In this manner our clients and we speak the same language.


Magmasoft is the ideal ally in the field of design applied to the die casting process. Magmasoft allows users to simulate the entire process in its various stages: filling, solidification and cooling inside and outside the mould, as well as mechanical processing and final heat treatment.

This software helps us conduct a reliable thermal analysis of the moulds and to anticipate any problems that could arise. The reading of the results and of the parameters guarantees the valid simulation of each single process and, consequently, the optimisation of the filling and solidification stages. And more. With Magmasoft it is possible to analyse residual stresses – hot cracks, cold cracks, deformations – that are typical of the casts and moulds of every production process. With Magma Optimization we also work on the injection sprues and process parameters to optimise the casting system.


The most important software dedicated to the automotive industry.

This is the most important software dedicated to the automotive sector that we use for designing moulds and also for designing and industrialising your products. It coordinates the project, stores the data and also helps simplify the entire design phase.


CAD software dedicated to the world of mould makers.

This CAD software is dedicated to the world of mould makers. It is used for the full designing of the moulds and allows to achieve 3D CAD modelling and 2D drawings. With TOP SOLID we also simulate the kinematics and all other movement of the mould in the press.


3D Design Software.

This software provides 3D design functions that are unsurpassed in terms of performance and ease of use. Solidworks is used by our technicians especially to design and industrialise products.


The new entry at Studio DSM.

Catia is a software used in the industrialisation phase thanks to its specialisation in modelling products and in designing moulds.